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My precious

After the first hour, though, it really started to pick up, and by the climax right around the three-hour mark I was completely enthralled. And then my girlfriend ruined it

Make love, not porn

Cindy Gallop gave the Fulcrum the lowdown on her experiences as an entrepreneur, her thoughts on porn, and how you can make 2.5 million bucks doing what (or who) you love.

Two thumbs up

The Fulcrum partners with Wicked Wanda's to bring you our reviews and recommendations on porn, playthings, and products.
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Weekend Rundown, Feb. 8 to 10

Not sure what to do this weekend in Ottawa? The Fulcrum’s got you covered with a weekend rundown. We’ll fill you in on the hottest restaurants, the coolest shows, and the exciting things going on around town so you can make the most out of your weekends
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Dear Di–Feb. 7, 2013

You should also be checking out my online column. I’ve answered some especially out-there questions on the interwebz, so if you can hold off from immediately clicking play on your favourite porn vid—which I have a feeling might just be 2 Girls 1 Cup—you can read a few more of my answers to the craziest of questions.
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Weekend Rundown

Midterms are fast approaching, and we could all use a break! Escape by watching A Royal Affair at the ByTowne Cinema at 4 p.m. It’s a costume drama that tells the true story of a physician who brought the Enlightenment’s values of reason over blind religion to Denmark in the 18th century. History comes to life on screen, plus there’s some bodice-ripping sex.
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Dear Di–Jan. 24, 2012

Your dick is not the size of a baby’s head, so it’s not too big to fit inside a vag. I’ll give it to you though, giving birth is not necessarily a comfortable experience; so yes, your girth might be causing some gargantuan issues in the sack.

Can women have it all?

“Ideally, I’d have a PhD, I’d be a professor, my research would be fantastic, it wouldn’t suffer; but I’d also be able to have a family. I’d be married, I’d have children, and somehow my career wouldn’t have to take a hit because I took time off to have a kid—but my family also wouldn’t suffer after I go back to work after giving birth,” she said. “I wonder if it’s really possible to have all of those things.”