Strength training not only improves your body’s shape, but it also increases your energy [and improves] your posture, your power output, and your confidence! By adding weights to your fitness routine, you burn a surprising amount of calories, while shaping out your shoulders, your midsection, and your lower half as well.
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Dear Di — Oct. 11, 2012

Based on the redness, irritation, and soreness of my little man’s head, I’m pretty sure I’ve been infected. It hurts so much, I half just want my dick to fall off. Okay, not really, but it’s bad. Help, Di!

When tragedy strikes

Occasionally an event occurs that can turn life upside down. Whether it’s an illness, divorce, or the death of a loved one, tragedies outside of our control happen, often when we least expect them.

Avoiding voluntourist traps

Among the general population, voluntourism has a positive connotation in the sense that rather than just having fun, people are also making an effort to help others. But among people who study the field or are experts in the area of international development, there’s a lot more skepticism.
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Dear Di—Sept. 20, 2012

Premature ejaculation—it’s a problem. As hilarious as the song “Jizz in my Pants” is, it’s the opposite of funny when you’ve already come but your partner’s nips have barely even peaked.

Let them eat cake…Or not

Today, individuals follow special diets for as many reasons as there are types of cuisine; religious practices, ideological beliefs, and allergies can call play a part. Four foodies share their experiences living on different diets and offer students a spoonful of advice.

Engaged and underage

My parents found out about the engagement through Facebook. Sounds like the punchline to a bad millennial joke, doesn’t it?