Salamander man of Ottawa

Working in conjunction with the Nashville Zoo, Trudeau developed a formula, which was originally used to breed frogs, to help with the breeding of the eastern hellbender, an extremely rare type of salamander found in the southern and eastern United States.

Hempology 101

Smith, who organized and spoke at the conference, talked about how he began his career with medical marijuana when he witnessed how marijuana helped people with AIDS in the mid-1990s.

Turning Point—Re-unite the right?

Uniting might seem like a good idea to many—in the last federal election the three left-wing parties amounted to 53.45 per cent of the voters, and together occupy 138 seats in the House—but is it really? The Wildrose Party started in order to oppose the PC and offer the people of Alberta a choice that is more right-wing than the centre-right PCs.

‘Free Gaza’

On Nov. 21, students at the University of Ottawa took part in a candlelight vigil, held on the steps of the university centre overlooking the Morisset Terrace. The vigil featured many speakers who discussed the violence that has taken place in Gaza in the past few weeks.

Medicated campus

The SFUO, who is in charge of the health plan at the U of O, reported that $119,049 in antidepressants were claimed through the health plan in 2011. This represents 12.7 per cent of all claims through the health plan for that year. That is up from the $84,300, or 12.2 per cent, in antidepressants claimed between September 2010 and June 2011—a $34,749 increase in claims, but only a 0.5 per cent increase.