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Just a job—not a career

When I worked a job with no opportunities, I made the opportunities myself. You know, the opportunity to nap in the back room, try the new dish for free, or call in sick when the latest Call of Duty was released. Chicken will serve itself, I thought, but I’m missing out on some valuable “Jane” time.
Illustration by Mathias MacPhee

What’s going on in Gaza?

While the Gaza-Israel conflict has been reported on constantly over the past week, it leaves many Canadians wondering what it means for us. Why should we be concerned about a conflict so far away from our country?
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Perspectives—It’s never too late to learn something new

...while I was on Thought Catalog, an online magazine composed of submissions primarily from twenty-somethings, I came across a post that echoed my sentiments: “Why do we stop growing and experiencing new things as we get older?” While the author had no real answer to provide, the article ,combined with the recent inquisitions about my guitar-playing, got me wondering.
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Happy whatever

As a rule of thumb, if you don’t care about something enough to personally organize a fundraising event for that cause, keep it off my Facebook, and stop guilt tripping me into “liking” it.
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Perspectives—I am Canadian too

Every time I tell people, “I dislike skating,” or whenever the topic of Ottawa’s canal is brought up and I say, “I don’t do that,” they always respond in one of two ways: they either gasp and say, “But you’re Canadian, how can you not like skating?” Or they give me a weird, long, and uncomfortable stare and ask incredulously if I even like hockey—which, now that we’re on the topic, isn’t my first choice when it comes to watching sports.
Illustration Brennan Bova

Say what?!

I’m not advocating provoking people by using questionable language, these examples are just a reality of our too-sensitive, too-politically correct society.
Illustration by Brennan Bova

Oil drama

Trying to prevent global warming, and trying to make the environment a better place, means that everyone must collectively and consciously try at all times... but when a bigger, more visible issue threatens our Canadian ecosystem, we do take notice.