New year, new you?

Every time January 1 rolls around, sincere promises to change are made by millions of Canadians—promises most of us don’t intend to keep. So should we all ditch this year’s vows because they’re going to fail anyway? Or should we continue the practice of ringing in the new year with a positive attitude and a hope for change?
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Just show me the money

Internships offer students a chance to test out new skills, network, and learn more about their line of work. Unfortunately, most of these opportunities come at the expense of a paycheque—yours.
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Just a job—not a career

When I worked a job with no opportunities, I made the opportunities myself. You know, the opportunity to nap in the back room, try the new dish for free, or call in sick when the latest Call of Duty was released. Chicken will serve itself, I thought, but I’m missing out on some valuable “Jane” time.

What’s going on in Gaza?

While the Gaza-Israel conflict has been reported on constantly over the past week, it leaves many Canadians wondering what it means for us. Why should we be concerned about a conflict so far away from our country?