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This guy seemed so angry at the perceived bladder-denying injustice that he felt he was perfectly within his rights to call me out on it—loudly.

Snowjam sexism?

Instead of pictures of people downhill skiing or doing impressive snowboarding jumps, the Snowjam poster depicts three half-naked women desperately vying for the attention of one man.

Manufacturing patriotism?

[P]atriotism and nationalism are constructs and are therefore, by definition, manufactured. They are ideas that we think about, ideas to which we emotionally attach ourselves and connect our life experiences. They are ideas that help us understand who we are.
Mathias MacPhee

All of the memes!

So, for something that is only meant to brighten your day, why are people so divided on their feelings for memes? The Fulcrum asked two writers to sit down and hash things out.