Four reasons why we plagiarize

There’s no denying that plagiarism has hit the headlines yet again, and while we’re not saying it’s right—if you think it’s okay, you’re one twisted lazy bum—we can’t refute the fact that it happens. So why do people do it?
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A new path?

Canada has always been known for its peacekeeping political stance. This country has been referred to as an “honest broker” in its past relations with the Middle East. What does this sudden development between Canada and Iran mean regarding the future of this diplomatic tradition?
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It seems that young adults today are suffering from the Peter Pan Complex. This pop-psychology term alludes to our avoidance of growing up. But our generation’s obsession with youth has transformed into something far beyond Neverland or any childhood tale.

Life after Facebook

In fact, one person I spoke to who had deleted his profile described how a Facebook group was set up in his honour asking whether he was dead or not because, obviously, life can’t go on without Facebook. Or can it?