Dear Di (Sex ‘R’ Us)

It's always difficult trying to introduce sex toys into the bedroom. But with Di Daniels on your side, you might just stand a chance.

Dear Di (playing for the other team)

Sex on the first date. Bedding your best friend. Playing for the other team. These are some of the issues dominating today's sexual politics. Coincidentally, these are also the topics of this week's Dear Di.

Dear Di-September 3 (Frosh edition)

University is a time of friskiness, exploration, and hot steamy sex. Never again in your life will you be surrounded by so many hot’n’ready singles, so enjoy your time here while it lasts. I know I sure have.

Dear Di-August 6 (Summer Lovin’)

Dear Di, I’ve never understood the hype about giving head, and despite the fact my new partner is more than happy to return the favour, I still don’t fully share his enthusiasm for it. I haven’t had the hear...
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Dear Di—April 9

Dear Di, I have a wicked curve in my penis. It’s with me through erection and flaccidity, and I have had it as long as I can remember. It can make it tricky sometimes to enter my partner smoothly and pleasurab...
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Dear Di—Apr.2

Dear Di, I have a fantasy about whipped cream. I want to cover my partner in it and lick it off, but I also want it all over—and in—my partner. I know it isn’t the safest, but I think eating out my partner wit...