Reflections at the Maison bleue

Our generation has spearheaded a massive period of retromania: vinyl, Polaroid cameras, vintage filters, and retro fashion are the centrepieces of our aesthetic sensibility. Why this hiding from the present? Why this nostalgia for a past we ourselves never experienced?

Pirate volcano, or unspoiled queen?

An island that more closely resembles the peak of a mountain than the standard Caribbean island, it is 13 square kilometers of the most difficult terrain ever settled in the world.

When utopia isn’t so relaxing

It was the stagnancy, the lack of urgent work to do in addition to the lack of people around me to distract me from the lack of work to do. I was like an ant plucked from its well-oiled colony, placed in a virtually utopian habitat. And it completely and utterly stressed me out.