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PIDSSA fills holes on executive board

The positions up for grabs were first year representative, vp public administration, and vp social (francophone), with Patrick Morris, Erik Koskela, and Caroline Brouilette, winning the spots, respectively.

PowerShift coming to Ottawa

The University of Ottawa will play host to students from around the country for a four-day conference that promises to, according to its website “build an environmental and climate justice movement that can transform our society, so that our future can be enjoyed by everyone, not only those who can afford it.”

TEDx comes to the U of O

On Saturday, Oct. 13, just over 100 idea-seekers gathered in the Alumni Auditorium to participate in TEDxUOttawa, a conference of ideas.
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Best of TEDx

“What is the point of education if the information is available to all?” - Mark Salter, professor of political science

We heart you

In a recent survey by the National Research Council Picker, the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute was ranked number one in acute care in Ontario.

Future of education

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a recent document released by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities that proposed a number of changes to post-secondary education, including offering more courses online, shortening university degrees to three years, and standardizing curricula across the province.

They’re building an ARC

“ARC says something about where the university currently is and where it is going,” said Mona Nemer, vice president of research at the U of O.