The SFUO needs a long-term livestream plan

It’s a good thing that the SFUO has started live-streaming its meetings this year, but it needs a better system to make sure important meetings, like the one on March 25, don’t fall through the cracks.

Letter to the Editor: BDS motion at the General assembly

There is no “right” versus “wrong”. There are policies that occur that must be discussed and debated. These policies are important to people here in Canada, but also to the lived experiences of Palestinians and Israelis. However, we must have the opportunities within an academic institution to fully discuss and explore these implications of policy.

Opposing BDS motions

The reality is, Israel, like every single country in the world—including Canada and the United States—is imperfect. A nation always has room to improve, from its justice system to its economic equality to its treatment of minorities; and Israel is no exception to that.