Real Talk

So I’m going to love for me. Laugh for me. Live for me. And learn to experience life for me.

#MeToo isn’t a witch trial

There is no benefit to someone to lie about being sexually assaulted. These are women who have just as much, if not more, on the line as the men that they are accusing. This is not an attention seeking campaign.

Lottery system shouldn’t used for immigration

Just as a reunification policy shouldn’t favour the wealthiest, it shouldn’t create a system of further uncertainty where applications hang in limbo. Surely, we can do better. This isn’t Lotto 649, these are people’s lives.

New year new uni

It seems a bit audacious to assign resolutions to other people, but the fact is that the university administration and SFUO have real power to solve problems that have been plaguing students for years. What better time than the fresh slate of a new year to get the ball rolling?