Don’t bother voting, says student group

Stop the Student Vote points to current political calm Photo: Kim Wiens “Presumably, most of you reading this will not be voting in the upcoming election,” said chapter president Jane Smith. “To anyone that p...

Flat butt yoga pants gaining popularity

Over the last couple of months, nationwide sales of “reverse” yoga pants have reached an all-time high. While they possess the same sporty quality of traditional athletic leggings, these new yoga pants are designed to make the wearer’s butt look as flat as possible.

Hollywood decides to get real

In addition to putting a ban on age-inappropriate roles, from now on, actors will be required by law to take on roles that closely correspond to their gender, socioeconomic status, sexuality, and temporal designation.

Provincial government wants you to hold it in

According to the Fart-Free Ontario Act, anyone caught passing gas outside their own private residence—at restaurants, bar patios, playgrounds, sports fields, or inside any non-domestic building—will be subject to hefty fines and public shaming by local law enforcement