Opinions_devices at the border_cred_Christine Wang

Canadian citizens’ privacy extends to the U.S. border

Border protection agencies need to understand that everything is accessible by the touch of a finger, and yes, this can be a security risk, but phones are also so integrated into people's lives that accessing them is a huge breach of privacy.
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There needs to be a limit on group projects in university

Group projects aren’t the most effective way to teach course material for most classes, reward those students who know more people in the class, thus being able to pick better group members, and most importantly, fail to test if the individual team members actually understand the course content.
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Students are paying too much for textbooks

The average class requires students to own and/or have permanent access to anywhere between one to three core books, never mind all the external reading material. For a student studying in five classes per semester, the maximum amount you pay could run into hundreds of dollars per semester.
Opinions_EastSide_cred_CC_Stu Pendousmat

Asking employees to wear a bra is discriminatory

Ontario Human Rights Council aside, it turns out that wearing a bra isn’t even part of the dress code policy at East Side Mario’s. This means that even if it wasn’t discriminatory for the manager to ask that she wear a bra, it’s still out of their purview.