Ottawa police crack down on bad Halloween costumes

Thanks to a new set of bylaws that were unanimously passed by city council this fall, police officers have been handing out fines, community service, and even jail time to those who sport costumes deemed lazy, douchey, or in very poor taste.

Haters gonna hate unless we stop them

What’s truly terrifying about haters is that they cannot be easily identified. They could be anywhere at any time. They could be delivering our mail, policing our streets, teaching our children, all the while spreading their hateful manifestos unexpectedly to innocent and undeserving celebrities.

Yeezus walks across America

The rapper has taken to social media to reveal more about the Nike-sponsored #YEEZUSWALKS campaign. The campaign will feature West making his way across the country this coming June in his signature Air Yeezy sneakers, using his newly honed healing powers to cure those with physical disabilities.