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U of O vs. Carleton game is literal panda-monium

In a startling, albeit strategic move, Richard Benson, head coach of the University of Ottawa’s men’s football team elected to field 12 panda bears in this year’s edition of the annual Panda Game against Carleton University.
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U of O research complex developing superhero students

Over the last six months, ARC has been testing out new developmental theories and applying them to real life test subjects, namely students at the U of O, in the hopes of quelling the growing threat of world domination by bulbous orange villains and climate change deniers.
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Pumpkins fear for their lives as fall approaches

Pumpkington is holding onto the hope that justice will come soon for her and her children. Businesses like Basic's are helping out, but for now she must keep her young ones on a short vine as pumpkin spice season begins in earnest.
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U of O admin delays classes due to campus construction

While the first day of school is now set to begin Sept. 13, students whose primary faculty buildings are affected by the construction will start their courses even later, at the end of September. This delay will result in classes continuing over the winter break, with exams taking place in early January.
Tabaret Hall - University of Ottawa

U of O students to see dampening new rules for 2017-18

From September 3-9, the university has placed a blanket ban on all music and dancing after 8 p.m., as well as a requirement that all students living on campus must be in their residences by 10 p.m. The administration claims this measure is needed to avoid complaints from Sandy Hill residents.
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City gives itself a second chance at Canada 150

To begin the process, City officials are removing all 2017-18 calendars from stores, and will be releasing a new and improved version of the Canada 150 advertising campaign in a few months. As part of the festivities, all businesses and residents will also be required to travel 365 days into the past.