Murder of Hamza Serhan marks 12th homicide in Ottawa this year

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, a 20-year-old man, identified as University of Ottawa student Hamza Serhan, was shot in broad daylight and found outside an Ottawa Community Housing Property at 1500 Caldwell Ave. by Ottawa Police at 3:20 p.m.

Serhan was injured by a gunshot wound and later taken to the hospital where he “succumbed to his injuries,” said Constable Chuck Benoit from the Ottawa Police.

“We don’t have an arrest on this homicide at this time, it is still an ongoing investigation,” said Benoit.

Residents of the neighbourhood have since protested the lack of security in the area and for the safety of their children, but police believe this was “a targeted incident.”

“At this time we feel that there is no security risk to the public,” said Benoit.

While police do not currently have a lead on a suspect, “investigators are working hard towards solving this case, he said, adding that police are continuing to look into the storyline of what happened.

Serhan’s death marks the 12th homicide in Ottawa this year.