1848 could meet a real student need, more study space

A new study space isn’t sexy, and it doesn’t have a flashy appeal. You could even make the case that it’s something the university administration should provide, and not the SFUO. All of those things are true, but a new study space is the kind of boring, unappealing piece of infrastructure that can actually improve the lives of students on campus.

Oct. 16 BOA meeting discusses SAFA, auditor’s report

On Oct. 16, the Board of Administration (BOA) of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) met to discuss the student federation’s audit, executive spending, and issues with the Student Association of the Faculty of Arts (SAFA), among other topics.

Cash money for craziest party

Campus pub competition series returns for sophomore year  Photo by Marc Jan CAMPUS PUB 1848 is holding a party competition: no gimmicks, no tricks—as plain and simple as that. Party-Off nights take place...