Ukraine Day celebrates country’s culture

Proceeds from SUSK’s bake sale went toward helping wounded soldiers in Ukraine by fundraising for medical supplies and donating to the families. The Ukrainian army has had to rely on crowd funding for medical and war fighting supplies.

The Tomato: Shooting of Florida texter sparks phone control debate

Many strongly worded letters were written to the FAAMT about the inappropriateness of bringing a cellular device into a movie theatre. While it is a second amendment right in America to own and carry a cell phone, the majority of writers agree that the movie-texter used their device in a manner that was simply uncalled for. In most cases, people felt that the presence of the object in a public area violated their basic safety rights.

Concerts shouldn’t have dress codes

Perhaps the largest flaw of this request is that it creates the impression that you must dress a certain way to enjoy indie rock. Stereotyping is the death of any music genre. It narrows the fan base down to only those who are willing to conform to a certain style.

Heckle: Student marriages

Full involvement in higher education gives us more than ample opportunity to establish our identity, independent from our relationship status. We need to use university life to our full advantage before tackling the inevitable turbulence of married life.