Print is dead: Fulcrum goes online

If you’re new to the University of Ottawa, welcome! If you’re a returning Gee-Gee and avid Fulcrum reader, however, you may have noticed a distinct lack of our summer issue on Fulcrum stands. Allow us to explain.

Quick Hits: Women’s rugby vs. StFx

The StFX rugby team has four national championships to their name, the most recent coming last year. The match was a timely test for the two national powerhouses during their weeklong break from regular season action.

Editorial: Slated to forget

Quick. Name the three slates running in the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) election this year. … Now try naming someone from each slate. Bonus points for naming a student running in...
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Editorial: The careless abuses of power

People in power can have so much responsibility it’s frightening. Frightening because we have no control over how they use that power or in whether they do so with the intention to protect us. There is the car...