Transient exhibition examines art in the modern epoch

The exhibit focused primarily on the impact that industry and human development have had on the environment, and by extension our perception of the world. But it also had an element of optimism, championing the idea that the arts and sciences can work together to confront global issues.

New exhibit creates art through climate science

The show seeks to explore the harm that industrialisation has caused to the planet, but also bring an element of hope by drawing attention to some of the sustainability research done by the U of O’s department of chemistry and biological engineering.

Joel Thomas Hynes wins Governor-General’s Literary Award

Hynes writes unflinching portrayals of the down-and-out, often inspired by his own rough situations. The protagonist of We’ll All Be Burnt, for example, is a combination of an inmate Hynes taught in a prison school, and a freak event where a man tried to break into his house and fight him.

U of O student parent launches new album

Between being a student, a father, and an employee at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), he manages to juggle a hectic workload. Music has been a constant companion and an escape throughout it all.