there are things we don’t talk about here

From my personal experience as a Chinese-Canadian, I find that mental illness and mental health are issues rarely (if ever) discussed in Chinese and East Asian households. It continues to be considered a non-serious issue and taboo subject, resulting in its highly stigmatized state.

Ready, set, whoa: A Gee-Gee’s guide to France

The people who drive the cars are just about as fancy as the cars themselves. Everyone here is thin and beautiful. It’s almost perplexing how skinny all of inhabitants manage to stay, despite how rich the food is. I say almost because there are stairs about every 100 metres, so it’s not really that perplexing. Come to France if you want to lose weight eating strictly butter.

Ukraine Day celebrates country’s culture

Proceeds from SUSK’s bake sale went toward helping wounded soldiers in Ukraine by fundraising for medical supplies and donating to the families. The Ukrainian army has had to rely on crowd funding for medical and war fighting supplies.

Why we eat what we eat

In a larger sense, Starbucks epitomizes North American food culture in the 21st century. It’s modern, hip, and allows customers to personalize their order from an extensive menu selection. It also professes to use the best, high-quality ingredients and to conduct its business responsibly and ethically.