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SFUO announces cost-cutting measures

The source told the Tomato that proposed ideas ran from the plausible, like setting off a fireworks display from the top of the Desmarais building and charging ticket fees, to the truly ridiculous, such as ensuring that SFUO fees are adjusted for annual inflation.
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Building bike lanes can start larger downtown rejuvenation

Making downtown easier to manage for cyclists and others who don’t commute by car makes it easier for more people to come into and enjoy downtown. This means more money being spent by Ottawa consumers, which allows businesses to grow and become better, in turn providing more incentives for people to come downtown.

Stop tiptoeing around free higher education

Instead of working slowly and piecemeal towards the end goal of free higher education, let’s just skip right to it and give more Canadians the chance to sharpen their minds. In the end, it will be more than worth it for our nation.

Let graduate students work

Limiting grad students’ right to work hampers the ability of many to pursue graduate degrees as a whole. The policy may be intended to ensure that students focus on their academics, but it also nearly guarantees that more students take on higher levels of student debt, as they are hamstrung in their ability to fund their own education.

Heckle: Annual spring garbage thaw

The University of Ottawa’s environmental awareness has been formally recognized, with the most recent recognition in the UI Green Metric World University Ranking, where the U of O placed second in Canada and 27th in the world. But regardless of our international standing on the issue, seeing litter everywhere speaks volumes about our poor attitude towards the environment.