Capitalizing on capital pride

Companies consistently take advantage of what’s “in,” whether its body positivity, mental health, or gay rights, and at the end of the day, they are the only ones who profit. The LGBTQ+ community, as with other minority groups, deserve more than a weekend to celebrate their right to exist in the world.

Dishing with Di: Sexuality

Never fear, pseudo-doctor Di Daniels is here! My diagnosis? You’re completely normal. Breathe a sigh of relief and relax. Almost everyone experiences something that makes them question their sexuality, if even for a moment.

Dear Di (the great porn dilemma)

The average man has been watching porn since the age of 10. Even when relationships take hold, most guys still on hold to their saucy viewing habits (at least twice a week). Given these facts, is is realistic to ask your man to stop watching porn altogether?
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Dear Di—Nov. 22, 2012

I always successfully have an orgasm when I use a vibrator, but when I have sex, I just can’t get the same satisfaction. Is this normal?
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Dear Di – Sept. 13, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying girl-on-top with my man when he told me it just wasn’t doing it for him. He said it nicely and everything, but it was clear from his flaccid penis that he definitely didn’t like it.

Wanted: One sassy gay friend

SINCE SEPT. 21, 1998, when then-hit sitcom Will & Grace hit American airwaves, straight women in North America have had an obsession with obtaining a gay male friend of their own. Even before the show popul...
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City of Ottawa acknowledges gay village

photo by Sean Done An in-depth look at the newly designated space OTTAWA’S GAY VILLAGE on Bank Street is now officially recognized. Six white signs with the words “the village” and a rainbow insignia were...
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Protecting our own

BASED ON THE outpour of responses to our executive editor’s appearance on Sun TV last week, it is obvious that students at the University of Ottawa support the protection of minority rights on campus. Consi...
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I want the world to know

Students share their coming-out stories   Complied by Edward Roué WE LIVE IN a country where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2004. In light of the recent victories for the lesbian, ga...