$100 won’t buy me back

Think of the scandal that has occurred just this semester, of the ongoing investigation, of the termination of the contract by the university. Essentially, the full-time undergraduate students paid the SFUO $4 million to get terminated.

Students should elect to vote in the municipal election

Ottawa has two universities and a college, which means there are plenty of students who, if they get politically engaged, can make a real difference and work as a powerful voting block. The student voice needs to be heard in this city, and the ballot box is a great way to do so.

A review of Rate My Professors

Academic decisions, like changing around your timetable or dropping a course are very personal choices, with the need for strong reasons behind it. A low rating on Rate My Professors may not necessarily be the best factor to consider.

You’ve got mail

Increasingly, people are taking their work home with them, and continuing off the clock—students are no exception to this pattern.