Is it time to ditch the LSAT?

LSATs and grades are still important in judging applicants, but Canadian law schools also consider employment, volunteering, life experience, background, and recommendations.

Ready, set, whoa: A Gee-Gee’s guide to England

To get started, I’ll clarify something that often gets confused—I am not an exchange student. Rather, I have put my degree at the University of Ottawa on sabbatical. I am instead starting a whole new degree for three years. Although this may seem like an odd move, I have several reasons for packing my bags and flying off to England.

The president’s report

“Ought there to be a code of conduct?” the taskforce asked, according to Rock. “If so, how should it be developed, what should it look like, how would it be administered, and what role does the university have in the responding to behaviour off-campus or in behaviour that’s not related to the academic role of the university?”