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Lessons learned

We asked students to come up with some of the best lessons they picked up in first semester that they plan on carrying into the winter one.
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Jeremy Dias: A passionate ally

Jeremy Dias, a psychology and political science graduate from the University of Ottawa, discusses the nuts and bolts of his growing organization Jer’s Vision, and offers invaluable advice to help communities move forward with inclusivity and indiscrimination.
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Mission Nutrition

If outrageous prices alone don’t stop you from guzzling any of the aforementioned drinks, maybe reading up on the calorie counts of these liquids will convince you to stick to what Mother Nature is serving up: good old H2O.
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Motivation vs. reward

When it comes to dieting and fitness, motivation is absolutely essential. I learned this the hard way in an oddball bet with my father a few years ago.

Student spending sorrows

Student loans can be something like diseases, and it’s important that one understands the risk in contracting them, as they can take years to cure and are usually a debilitating, scar-filled experience.


Why tanning should be banned for teens Nadia Helal | Fulcrum Contributor Photo by Justin Labelle School is right around the corner and what better way to prove you’ve had a sun-filled summer than with a br...