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Re: Vet’s Tour coverage in La Rotonde

I got naked. I formed a pyramid. I kissed and touched a whole lot of people. I drank some God-awful shots. But I didn’t have sex with anyone, and I didn’t get a piercing because that was beyond my personal limit. I did things “for the points” but they were all things that I already wanted to do.

Cash money for craziest party

Campus pub competition series returns for sophomore year  Photo by Marc Jan CAMPUS PUB 1848 is holding a party competition: no gimmicks, no tricks—as plain and simple as that. Party-Off nights take place...

Best party movie of all times

  AS KOOL AND The Gang famously sang, “Celebrate good times, c’mon / Let’s celebrate!” This St. Patty’s Day will be no different. Regardless of whether we’re Irish or not, most of us are going to hit th...