Dear Di (pain and pleasure)

Are you experiencing pain during sex or climaxing too quickly? Here are a few tips on how to make your experience in bed a lot more comfortable!

Dear Di (the great porn dilemma)

The average man has been watching porn since the age of 10. Even when relationships take hold, most guys still on hold to their saucy viewing habits (at least twice a week). Given these facts, is is realistic to ask your man to stop watching porn altogether?

Dear Di

Dear Di, Throughout my past relationships I’ve always been told that I should be a porn star. I’ve been wondering if maybe I should use my length and talent to make some money. What are the pros and cons o...
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The porn retail industry needs your help

ATTENTION ALL UNIVERSITY students: The time has come for us to grow up, and invest in our futures. Or rather, it’s time to invest in our erotic interests. According to Leonard Elchuk, a Saskatchewan businessman...