ESports: an industry on the rise

With the potential of being one of the biggest “sports” categories on earth due to its wide appeal and its international audience, ESports have risen from online player communities to events sponsored by corporations in the same way extreme sports gained traction in the early 2000s.

The LRT? It’s (literally) just noise

What we saw was astounding. We found loads of professional-grade concert speakers set up all over the site, hooked up to one guy’s laptop playing “Epic Construction Ruckus Medley—10-hour Version” on YouTube.

Dear Ty: Floorcest

It’s one of the biggest issues facing first-years: Not rising textbook prices or all-nighters, but floorcest.

FSS throws caution to the Windex

“Yep—every week, we polish the whole thing, from top to bottom,” nodded Alan Lee, head of the Social Science Task Force (SSTF). “Keeps it looking spiffy for when the O-Train gets here.”

Navigating the complexities of community-based justice

The Faculty of Law hosted Julie Mathews, executive director, Community Legal Education Ontario and LFO Community Leadership in Justice Fellow, in conversation with U of O law professor, David Wiseman on the topic of Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice.

Shoppers have a right to privacy that isn’t being met

The Chinook Centre in Calgary which is owned by CF was caught testing a facial recognition program inside its mall directories. The company says that they do not keep records of the faces that are scanned—yet, a lot of crucial questions are still left unanswered.