The Fulcrum is now hiring  2017-18 editorial board and management positions! To apply for a position, please submit the required items by the given deadline by email to the designated email address.

 Visual Editor. Deadline: Monday, June 26.

Main Responsibilities

  • Solicit contributors for the graphic/photographic content of the newspaper
  • Delegate or execute all assignments such as graphics, editorial graphics, cartoons, illustrations and photos for both the print and online content of the Fulcrum
  • Responsible for editing all photos and graphics
  • Coordinate graphic and/or photographic assignments with each section editor
  • Responsible for the coordination of the cover, in conjunction with the Production Manager
  • Responsible for managing stock photos.
  • Hold at least three (3) office hours per publishing week, outside of production duties. Office hours must be scheduled during regular business hours
  • Educate (i.e. through seminars, workshops, guest speakers, one-on-one training, etc.) all interested volunteers in all aspects of the graphic/photographic content of the newspaper
  • Attend weekly volunteer and Editorial Board meetings unless excused by the Editor-in-Chief

Other Duties

  • Encourage contributors to attend staff meetings
  • Help with the general upkeep of the office, including but not limited to cleaning and filing
  • Offer training to anyone applying for the position for the upcoming Publishing Year
  • Sit on the Hiring Committee for the incoming Visual Editor
  • Provide adequate training to the incoming Visual Editor
  • Write an end of term transition report

Pay: $312/issue.

Application requirements

  • Please submit a resume, cover letter, platform, and portfolio of materials that showcase your photography, illustration, and/or design ability to Skills in sports photography are considered an asset.
  • Applicants who submit a complete and competitive application will be invited to write a knowledge and visual editing test. They must  receive 50 per cent or higher on each, in order to be considered for an interview.