The Fulcrum is now hiring its 2018-19 editorial board! To apply for a position, please submit the required items by email to 

*Please note: Incomplete applications, or applications missing  pieces of requested information will not be considered.*

Associate Sports Editor

Are you interested in all things sports, health, and fitness? Apply to be our Associate Sports Editor! This position works under the Sports Editor to produce at least two (2) articles for the sports section per week.

Other duties include the following:

-Must be available for last-minute assignments
– Meets all production deadlines assigned by Sports Editor
– Attends all staff meetings

Assets: Has a working knowledge of or an interest in the University of Ottawa’s sports teams, has previous experience covering games.

To Apply: Send your resume, and a detailed cover letter explaining why you’d be the right fit for this position to

Successful applicants will write a knowledge test. Those who pass will be called in for an interview.