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The seventh album from Canadian experimental act Caribou opens with the audience’s entertainment in mind. “Can’t Do Without You” is a catchy dance track produced with a ton of groovy samples and a jive beat– a great way to hook the listener. “Mars” is the most interesting instrumental track on the entire album, with a rich bass line and mesmerizing flute melody. The complex percussion and quick vocal samples help make the song feel even more layered and full, creating an unforgettable listening experience.

“Back Home” is the most impressive track on the album with its exquisite vocal delivery. Although the opening verse is a bit weak, the song quickly builds into a heavily layered synth-pop song that would have been perfect to end the album. Unfortunately, “Your Love Will Set You Free” completes the record on an incomplete note that feels tacked on as an afterthought. Perhaps the most forgettable song on the album is “Silver.” Although interesting at first, it’s too long and repetitive.

Our Love is electronic music for someone who wants something new. Caribou’s sound is perhaps for people who are stuck in the era of Jack Johnson and need something fresh but still mellow. In a world full of generic and uninspired electronic music, it’s refreshing to hear a sound that isn’t tailored to the clubs. Our Love also features other notable Canadian musicians Owen Pallett and Jessy Lanza. Although the album doesn’t tread quite as much new territory as Caribou’s other efforts, it’s still a sound that’s unique.