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Illustration by Mico Mazza

Local designer goes green

IN OUR FAST-PACED and consumer-oriented culture, we rarely take the time to think about the effects our lifestyles have on the environment. With our constant misuse of recyclable products and insatiable lust for the next big thing, it’s no wonder sustainable shops like Duffield Design have begun cropping up. Local designer Megan Duffield, owner of Duffield Design, has created a new environmentally conscious fashion line without compromising style.

An environmentalist from an early age, Duffield quickly learned about the misuse of natural resources and the disregard for nature and workers in the fashion industry. The designer credits learning about the pitfalls of fashion to her sustainable line.

“That’s when [I] started doing more research about sustainable fashion … and [designing a line] that is a little bit more sustainable and healthier for the people on the planet,” she says.

With a diploma in fashion design from Fanshawe College, Duffield worked in theatre and retail before launching her collection this fall. One of the local designer’s main selling points is that her designs are economically and socially sustainable.

“One of the most important aspects of [my] line [is the fact that I] really focus on quality and … on sustainability. When I first started the line, sourcing the fabrics was one of [my] biggest [problems],”  explains Duffield.

“I first started sourcing our materials from Canada, [but] the problem is that most of the production [in] the textile industry, as well as the clothing industry, has gone overseas.”

Although Duffield would like to remain local in terms of buying materials, she does admit to sourcing from the United States.

“I was trying to source only in Canada to begin with, but that was almost nearly impossible. I honestly support Canadian whenever I can, but we also source our goods from across the border.”

Duffield is virtually a one-woman show. She’s in charge of designing and does most of the tailoring for her clothing line, though she still says she couldn’t pull it all off alone.

“I do have two local seamstresses who help me out when my time schedule is a little busy,” she says.

“I have a great support system, a fabulous family, and a fabulous partner. I also have a fabulous programmer and a fabulous web designer. I have worked with a few [fashion] teachers and they are excellent and they really taught me a lot.”

Check out Duffield Design at Victoire Boutique located at 1282 Unit B Wellington St. W.. For the entire collection and custom-design works, go to 

—Tiolu Adedipe