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OH, UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa students, how have you functioned without me here to give you sound fashion advice? Jeggings, Uggs, clashing colours, and mismatched clothing must’ve been running rampant on campus. With the temperature getting warmer and spring finally kicking old man winter to the curb, it’s time I teach you all about the spring and summer trends for 2012.

Every year there’s an “it colour” to rock. Last year it was coral blue, the previous season made a deep plum hue all the rage, and this year it’s tangerine. Rock this bright trend by pairing a tangerine dress with nude coloured sandals, or by wearing tangerine pants with a simple white tee. If subtle is more your style, try wearing a ring with an orange stone, or a simple tangerine shirt underneath a black blazer and blue jeans.

Colour blocking
Who said red and pink don’t go together? The two shades along with any other found in the rainbow wheel are fair game when it comes to this trend. Colour blocking is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your wardrobe and be fashion forward. Wear a bright blue crop top with purple skinny jeans or a pink lace shirt and a high-waisted red skirt and you’re on your way to rocking contrasting, loud, and proud colours. Just make sure to team up colours that are of the same intensity—a blah colour combo will only make for a blah look.

Florals, geometric shapes, whatever—any type of print works to rock this style. Wear a floral cardigan or a geometric shift dress to get all print-y this spring. The prints can be big or small, in any colour—there are no restrictions. Just make sure not to do a print overload. One print per body, please!

Polka dots
All right, so polka dots are technically a print, but this is one trend that deserves its own category. These dots are making a fierce comeback this spring, and rightly so. This trend is so easy to wear it’d be hard not to bum a ride off this bandwagon. The biggest way to make a statement with this style is to wear a simple, white and blue polka dot cocktail dress. You can either dress it up with heels or down with flats.

Sofia Hashi