Author: Dan Leroy, Fulcrum Staff

I am unaware of anyone who has not felt disgusted and pained by the massacre in Newtown. How is it possible for a man to walk into an elementary school with a legally obtained military assault weapon and open fire on innocent children?

Many hockey fans have been livid over the past few months as the Fehr-Bettman duo have deprived them of their favourite Saturday night activity. Many have even said they will boycott the NHL for the rest of the season.

“While the [recent] UN motion is a positive one that can do no harm to either Israelis or Palestinians, as far as we are concerned the struggle for Palestinian rights continues much as it did before, regardless of the vote.”

“At the most basic level, everyone knows a hockey fan … It’s intense to think about how popular hockey really is in this country and to see all the little ways it’s tied into our lives.”

Greece needs a bailout, now it’s Portugal, and don’t forget Ireland. Could Spain go under? God forbid Italy should fail, with an economy worth 16 per cent of the entire euro zone gross domestic product (GDP). This struggle seems to be dragging on and on, and growing. To the foreign observer here in Canada, it is all starting to get rather tedious.

It is no secret that we English Quebecers feel a certain disconnect with our own province. This disconnect explains why we turn the television off when Jean Charest or Pauline Marois come on and why we choose any activity over heading to a ballot box.