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This technique lets me orgasm without ejaculating, saving my juices for my girlfriend. But I want to know, is it safe? Sometimes I do it pretty frequently, and I just want to make sure it’s okay.

I always successfully have an orgasm when I use a vibrator, but when I have sex, I just can’t get the same satisfaction. Is this normal?

November 11 may be over, but many students believe the day symbolizes values that should be reflected upon throughout the whole year. Others feel it’s time to move on from a bloody past and focus on a peaceful future. Here, students share what Remembrance Day means to them.

Dear Di, When we’re having sex, I can’t seem to orgasm unless I imagine a guy watching the two of us. Kinda awkward for a lesbian, eh?

“The people that think they cannot make a difference frustrate me the most,” said Mueller. “To me, it’s simple math. 1+1+1+1+1=the population of our campus, the population of Ottawa, etc. The difference is made by each individual working separately but together [to lessen] our impact on the environment.”

I find that when I have sex, the twisting and contorting and bending and thrusting creates a bunch of gas. I know—from awkward experience—that the ladies in general do not enjoy farts.

Some of my peers are motivated in university by grades, future salaries, or parental pressure. I’m motivated by something else—the desire to make something of myself early enough in my life so my mom will remember it.

How can I convince my boyfriend to snowball with me? I really think the idea of passing his cum from my mouth to his and back is super sexy, but I’m afraid to approach him because he might think I’m weird and gross.

We’ve all been there—you wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and realize you aren’t as slim or fit as you once were. Still, you’re far too lazy to actually get off the couch, unless, of course, your roommate proposes a trip to McDonald’s followed by dessert at the Beavertail stand. The solution: following these six easy exercises, perfect for someone who hates fitness; no weights, sweat, or pesky gym visits required.

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