It’s not a competition, nor is your virginity a status. No one has to justify their sex life. And if the pressure ever gets to be too much, you can always go on exchange to Singapore–they will worship you.

Perhaps the biggest misconception, or rather wrongful association that people make about fetishes, is that they must pertain to or interact directly with a person’s sexuality. But fetishes don’t play a role in defining a person’s sexuality, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

There are no cheat codes to cunnilingus, but there are techniques to help you both along the way.

Before heading out, I told my mom I was going to Sexapalooza, explaining that it’s something like the annual auto show, but with sex. She was startled, but not surprised.

No one likes having sex more than bonobo monkeys. They’re the nymphomaniacs of the animal kingdom, using almost any social interaction as an excuse to have sex, including greetings, forming social bonds, and resolving conflict.

Similar to a tattoo, writing about sex seems like it would stick with you forever. Once it’s been published, it’s out there for the world to see. You’re not going to get a government job or be in a position of the utmost political importance if you have a tattoo across your forehead. It’s the same assumption for writing something a little sexy.

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