The average university student might believe that their degree will give them an advantage over their competition upon entering the working world. This was true at one point, but in many fields today, a university degree is no longer the advantage; it’s the requirement.

Take one glance at the Gothic architecture of Parliament Hill and it may seem like you have time-travelled back to 1867. The way in which the government conducts business—along with some “elder” members of Parliament (MPs)—may further convince you that this institution is a relic of the past.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind (CGDB) is reaching out to the University of Ottawa in search of students willing to temporarily open their homes to a puppy who will be trained to become a guide dog.

Student’s U-Pass concern finally resolved, SFUO issues refund Jane Lytvynenko | Fulcrum Staff Five months after submitting a request to refund her U-Pass fee, Julie Corrigan, a PhD student at the University of Ottawa, got her cheque in the mail. Corrigan, who went abroad to do research, exchanged 33 emails and many phone calls with …

Students were caught off guard on the morning of Feb. 12 when they went to pick up their weekly copy of La Rotonde and found newsstands empty.

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