Two Canadians wrongfully linked to Innocence of Muslims, South Korean navy fires shots towards North Korean fishing vessels, CLASSE not satisfied by tuition hike cancellation, and Supreme Court of Canada supports Vancouver prostitution challenge

In recent years, the University of Ottawa has expanded its online presence to include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, with an aim to be more in touch with the student body.

I share an office with a proud Muslim woman, and when I asked her what she thought of depicting Muhammed in any way, shape, or form, her answer was incredibly simple: You don’t do it.

We know that there is no more money coming for the system, so we have to get smarter in how we use the money we have, and a lot of that requires redesigning the system so that there are better efficiencies and accountability measures, and that we actually improve access to such things as preventive care and primary care.

The Canadian government announced on Sept. 6 that it will no longer defend Quebec’s asbestos-mining industry, a decision that was based on a campaign promise made by the recently elected Parti Québécois (PQ) government to stop the mining of the carcinogen.

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