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If outrageous prices alone don’t stop you from guzzling any of the aforementioned drinks, maybe reading up on the calorie counts of these liquids will convince you to stick to what Mother Nature is serving up: good old H2O.

“No big deal,” I thought as I swung open the door. Looking back at me were some extremely fit women, and I was intimidated, to say the least.

What your body needs is food packed with nutrients and energy to keep you going without crashing after a few hours.

I’m not suggesting you go to Morisset and run up and down the giant, echoing staircase. I’m talking about the public library.

You may have heard of it as the “lemonade diet”, but no matter what it’s called, I have one word to sum it up—gross.

But if you’re sensitive to their pungency, here’s a fun way to sneak radishes into a sweet fruit smoothie.

I trained. Trained! Me, the girl whose co-worker asked incredulously, “Wait—you’re athletic?” as I explained to him I was running a 5K while simultaneously using my teeth to rip into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

It’s easy to see how kale can be intimidating—it’s large, leafy, and near impossible to stuff into a plastic produce bag—but you won’t regret picking up a bundle at the grocery store.

If you’re flirting at the gym, chances are you’re hovering alongside the machines, lingering on the mats, or chatting at the water fountain for a prolonged period of time. Essentially, you’re getting in everybody’s way.

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