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Tweak your foreplay game for breast results

Photo by Mico Mazza

Nothing is naughtier than a little nipple licking and flicking. But there’s more to the art of nipple-play than your dirty little minds can probably ever ponder.

From techniques to toys, here are some things to try with your partner — no matter their gender — that’ll have ‘em begging for your next move.

 Mouth to nipple

 Most people are aware of the tenderness of their partner’s nipples. Tantalizing them with a tongue is a never-fail method — if your partner is aroused by nipple-play, that is. Always ask first.

Some people prefer tongue flicking; some prefer sucking, some like biting. Warming a nipple up with gentle, quick licks and moving to a longer suck is incredibly stimulating and the anticipation is exciting and arousing.

Kissing your partner’s nipples is great foreshadowing to oral sex. Start kissing your partner’s lips, then neck, then slow down and kiss each nipple. The kisses can be as chaste or dirty as you’d like. It’s often arousing to wet nipples with your mouth and quickly move back and lightly blow on the wet spot. The contrast of the warmth of your mouth and the air cooling on their wet skin is a guaranteed turn-on.


Twist and shout

Your digits can do a number on nipples. My most pleasurable self-satisfying moments have been when I’ve stimulated both my lady bits and my tits with my fingers, and you can bet your partner will feel the same way.

For those with sensitive nips, a light brush of a finger or two over the nipples can be just enough. If your partner says they want to play rough, flicking, pinching, or even slapping can be very sexy with or without your mouth on their genitals. Holding the nipple in between your thumb and index finger and lightly twisting it back and forth like it’s a dial on an old-school radio can get your partner hot, wet, and/or super stiff. But remember, nipples are fun but they’re still attached to a person, so don’t just twist mindlessly.


Toy with me

There are numerous nipple toys on the market that will spice up your upper body playtime in no time.

Nipple pasties are covers for your nipples that stick with double-sided tape to your areolas. They come in funky shapes like hearts and stars or plain circles. These are a sexy way to show off your bits to your partner. If you purchase pasties that come with tassels, you can easily rock it like a burlesque dancer and spin them like the pros do. Simply bounce up and down and the tassels will spin round and round.

If you’re looking to get creative but are buggering on a budget, hit up your local dollar store and find some feathers. When brushed lightly across nipples, feathers tickle and tease in the most pleasurable way.

Partners who enjoy kinkier activities like bondage and domination often experiment with nipple clamps. There is an endless list of options when it comes to finding the right toy for your nips. Some you don’t even have to leave the house for: clothespins, bobby pins, and paper clips can all be used to pleasure your partner. If you’re looking to do some sexy shopping, store-bought options include alligator clamps and magnetic clips, to name a few. Always ensure you test the waters with these painful-yet-pleasurable toys with your partner before going full-force. Slowly release the clamps and ask if your partner is comfortable and enjoying the feeling before you move on to adding pressure or more clamps.

Similarly, if you’re using things like hot wax on nipples, go slow. Start with a very small area of the areola before pouring a lot directly on the nipple. Make sure you’ve bought your candles from a sexpert at a sex shop, as many regular candle waxes aren’t suitable for nipple play and can cause serious injuries and burns.

Though I’m an advocate for trying everything you’re comfortable with, I will never condone nipple knife-play. It’s far too dangerous in my opinion and often leads to long-term harm. That’s fucked, and not in a good way.

So, dear readers, next time your partners are nagging about trying something new, suggest doing something nice with their nipples and prepare for a long, breathtaking ride to Pleasure Town.