Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

I’m not the biggest fan of Movember, even at the best of times. I’m especially not down when it applies to the whole body. I recently started dating a guy who doesn’t keep it too well shaven down there, and I almost want to throw up when I go down on him. I can accept missing a few spots, but what is the deal with a full-blown fur attack? Is it rude to ask him to clean up his act?

—Bush Whacking

Dear BW,

I can understand your distaste for a face full of pube—it isn’t usually the most appealing find when you’re looking to pleasure your partner.

Pubic hair is one of those things that gets a really bad rap, especially in recent years as people have been waxing, shaving, and trimming their bush more often. It comes down to personal preference; partners aren’t always on the same page with what’s acceptable for phallus fur. Some people simply prefer the convenience of letting their hair grow, while others like it hairless.

If this is a relationship you think will take off, then you should be open with your partner. Ask him if he likes you clean-shaven and trimmed down there. Then you can then gently suggest that he do the same to ensure you get the same pleasure that you’re giving.

If either of you are interested, you can start off with some simple trimming, experiment with bush patterns to get creative, or go au naturel. Manscaping takes time and practice, but the benefits of better odours and easier access to his balls will be an incentive to keep you both in bed.

Lastly, make sure to drop a hint that removing the hair around his shaft will make him look bigger—he’ll be reaching for the razor in no time.




Dear Di,

I met a girl on Tinder and we recently slept together. She had a nipple piercing, and it was one of the most erotic and stimulating things I’ve ever seen. I really had no idea what to do with the piercing, but I’ve heard that you can make a girl orgasm simply from nipple stimulation. How rough can I be with her nipples to bring her to orgasm and what’s the best way?

—Can I Take a Nip?

Dear CITN,

Yes, you mostly certainly can take a nip! Nipple play is one of the most stimulating forms of foreplay for us gals, and I personally encourage you to spend some time up close and personal with your girl’s nips. Men sometimes underestimate or neglect the importance of spending quality time with a girl’s breasts and how it can affect sexual intensity. Lucky for you, her piercing will only amp up her passion and your desire to pleasure her.

Every girl responds to different pressures and touches, so to get started, gently kiss and massage her breasts and nipples. As you get going, you can start focusing your mouth, hands, and tongue on her nipples more directly with licking and light caresses. I think it’s incredibly sexy when guys bob their head up and down as they swirl their tongue around my nipples. Mix up your moves with sucking and squeezing, and I can guarantee your efforts will be well received.

Like usual, make sure you two communicate to see how rough and tumble you want to get. As pleasurable as sucking her nipple piercing may be, the nipple is still very delicate and needs to be treated that way. Talk over how much pressure and pulling she likes, and you can turn your next time together into a showstopper of a night.