Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My girlfriend is getting her clit pierced as a gift to herself for her 21st birthday. I think it’s kind of weird, but whatever, it’s her body. How long will it take to heal before we can have sex again? Do I have to be much more gentle when we resume fucking? Should I do something differently to satisfy her?


—Clitorisly Confused

Dear CC,

Are you positive that your gf’s getting her clit pierced? That is a very uncommon procedure, since it can cause pain and nerve damage, and could also lead to a loss of orgasms. A much safer piercing is that of the clitoral hood, which is the skin that covers her love nub.

The most popular type of clitoral hood piercing is the vertical piercing, because the jewelry then rests right on the clit. The ultimate goal here is to enhance sensations, provide more constant stimulation, and aid in reaching the big O. Your girl’s piercer will likely tell her to wait three to six weeks minimum before having sex. Respect that time frame, because that is one wound you don’t want to risk infecting.

However, as soon as the time period is up, get ready for a frisky lady. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published findings that seven weeks after a vertical piercing, women had higher sexual desire and they did the nasty way more often.

How else will your girl’s permanent vajazzling affect you? Her new jewels shouldn’t affect the speed or force with which your jewels smack against her. Unless your girl finds her jewelry to be too constant a source of stimulation, there’s no need to hold back. Experiment with different types of jewelry. Bars, hoops, balls, and more will give both you and your lady different sensations—do some active research to find out what you both like best.

I’m confident that you’ll soon stop thinking about this piercing as weird, and instead begin considering it as a gift that keeps on giving.