Illustration: Rame Abdulkader.
Reading Time: < 1 minute

When our eyes meet
I can’t help it
A smile forms, blushes stolen
My heart beats faster
As emotions overwhelm me
But I’ve never been more certain of anything

Time stands still
I stand rooted to the ground
I prise open my lips
To make a sound,
But I can’t

You had my heart
But as the cold winter days went by
You left it on an empty shelf, discarded
Stripped of your warmth
It slowly froze
Preserving all that was left of your memories and smile
And all that remains is
What there was to begin with
A whisper in the wind

Sooner or later
The wilted leaves and flowers will be gone
In its place, a bright daffodil sprouts
Clouds part, breathing life
Into my thawing heart
And as you frolic
My aching heart yearns to dance again with renewed passion

But every now and then I flip through the pages and smile
Cherish every memory, every fight, every minute spent together
Hopefully, it amounts to more than just a few scattered pages
A chapter in your book

Ricardo, first-year computer science.