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A short blackout caused campus buildings to lose power Photo: Creative Commons Rafael Castillo

The University of Ottawa lost power to several buildings shortly on Sept. 14 at 5 p.m., including Simard, Morisset, Fauteux, the Arts building, and Thompson.

The blackout caused some minor inconveniences on campus, including knocking out Protection Service’s phone system, and forcing students to leave the library and their classrooms.

Not to be deterred, professor Miles Tittle took his children’s literature class outdoors, lecturing on stories like “Goldilocks” and “Red Riding Hood” from the grass in front of the Morisset building.

“I couldn’t think of what else to do,” he said.

Several students took to social media to lament the power outage. One student said their lecture was still ongoing while the lights were down in the Arts building. Another student joked that the power was out because the university forgot to pay the electricity bill.

The blackout didn’t last long. Just before 7 p.m., acting manager of Media Relations Néomie Duval stated that the university and Hydro Ottawa had restored power to the buildings.