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Investigation uncovered harassment allegations made against dean

Photo by Adam Travis/The Brunswickan

FREDERICTON (CUP) — With the revelation that the teachers’ union at the University of New Brunswick filed allegations of harassment against dean of law Jeremy Levitt on behalf of faculty members, it’s evident that things have yet to slow down in the law school crisis.

In early February, the CBC revealed that the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers has made unproven allegations of harassment against the dean on behalf of faculty members. The UNB administration has reached out to an external investigator for help in resolving the recent issues.

The university brought in law professor emeritus Neil Gold to interview all parties concerned with the recent issues in the law faculty.

“When we receive allegations of harassment, we treat them seriously. In this case, we’ve asked a highly regarded and experienced individual in Neil Gold to come and interview people involved,” said UNB spokesman David Stonehouse.

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Gold will report his findings confidentially to vice-president academic Tony Secco.

“Once he has those findings, Dr. Secco will determine what action is required to ensure a respectful and collegial work environment at the law school,” said Stonehouse.

Levitt is also facing allegations of harassment, sexism, and a threat of violence from two former female colleagues at Florida A&M University College of Law.

A closed meeting of the senate was requested by student senator and law student Lyle Skinner to review the senate search committee.

Skinner is concerned with the way that the unproven allegation of harassment against Dean Levitt was not uncovered by the independent personnel agency hired to perform Levitt’s background check.

In the meantime, according to acting associate dean of law John Williamson, the law school is functioning as usual.