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A FIGHT BETWEEN police and bar patrons at Tequila Jacks in the ByWard Market resulted in charges against two 21-year-old men.

Police responded to a disturbance on Clarence Street at about midnight on Sept. 6 to find a man assaulting security staff with a metal lineup pole, according to police.

Brett Starke, owner of Tequila Jacks, said security footage confirms that the suspects instigated the fight, and his account corroborated the police version of events.

“One guy wouldn’t let go of a beer bottle and he tried to hit one of our doormen with it,” Starke said. “Then he grabbed a stanchion that holds our lineup rope and tried to hit another doorman with it.”

“The doorman finally got him to the edge of the line and then one of them punched the doorman in the face. One guy then ran over and punched the cop in the face as hard as he could.”

Police Chief Charles Bordeleau said there will be a review by Ottawa police because a video of the incident posted online indicates excessive use of force by police officers.

Balkaran Bajwa, 21, has been charged with causing a disturbance, assaulting a peace officer, uttering threats, and resisting arrest. Gohar Ali, 21, was charged with causing a disturbance, assault with a weapon, and obstructing a peace officer.

—Spencer Van Dyk