Hair buns aren’t a fashion statement

Stand anywhere on campus and I bet you’ll notice the females all dressed in uniform. I’m talking the trusty lululemons, Roots sweatpants, and oh so guy-adored Uggs.

This year however, thanks to twerking icon Miley Cyrus, a new fashion has been affixed to the lazy ‘don’t f**k with me’ look that many U of O ladies strut: the one scoop (a.k.a. the messy bun).

The popularity of the one scoop has exponentially increased and there seems to be no stopping it. The hairstyle is not only expanding in popularity, but also in height. Many seem to believe it has become an acceptable hair choice, but I believe it is only socially appropriate for getting sweaty at the gym and/or scaring off the male species.

I get that you don’t always have the time and energy to spend perfecting your hair. As a longhaired and lazy science chick, I am damn proud of my low-maintenance ponytail, but let’s face it; the one scoop is not just for the lazy. I’ve seen girls pour hours into them just to achieve the right amount of mess.

Soon after, the bun underwent a change from a work of simplicity to a work of perfection. I noticed girls sporting the one scoop in professional and social settings. Going to places like bars, clubs, and offices, girls wear the one scoop as if it were classy, professional, and flattering. Let’s be clear—it is none of those things.

Human nature may favour mess because it requires less energy, but putting in energy to create the perfect mess defies logic. Ladies, let’s keep it classy, and do ourselves a favour by keeping the messy bun where it belongs: with the sweats, sunglasses and Uggs.