Photo: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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Private meme accounts don’t even make sense

Scrolling through Instagram can be hit or miss. Sometimes it is just selfies, scenery, and advertisements not worth your time. If you are lucky, sliding over to your explore page can be more captivating, especially if it’s filled with absolute fire memes and videos that keep you scrolling all night long. Unfortunately, the search for memes is not always that easy, and some digging throughout the explore page is required. 

That is why one of the best notifications you can receive is ‘@someone sent you a post’. 

Knowing someone saw a post and went as far as to send the hand-picked post straight to your  direct messages, is a nice surprise, with little work. 

Those few seconds that go by in between clicking on the notification and actually seeing what promises to be a glorious DM are truly thrilling. Then all that excitement builds up just to be blindsided and betrayed by the sight of the message ‘This photo is hidden because @stupidmemeaccount has a private account.’ 

It is almost offensive, and it is completely heartbreaking. 

But who is to blame? The meme accounts for being private and hiding whatever gems they have from the general public? Or my friend for lifting my hopes just to crush them because they chose to send me something from a private account even when they were probably aware it’s unavailable?

Both are guilty in my books. Who’s idea was it to make private meme accounts a thing anyways? 

Private meme accounts don’t make one bit of sense. Honestly, they’re a bit of a scam. How are  users supposed to know about the accounts fire memes if they can’t see whether or not the posts are worth it? Why request to follow then wait to be accepted before viewing the meme that was sent to me? Plus, most of them post awful advertisements on top of it all. It’s kind of unreasonable if you ask me. 

As for the people sending others memes from these private accounts, stop it. Not only is it an inconvenience to the recipient, but chances are that you are going to have to screenshot it and resend it, or worse, screen record a video and send it. Save yourself the trouble and find memes on a public account that everyone can enjoy. 

I think it’s pretty clear that private meme accounts are not enjoyable for anyone besides the few people willing to hit follow. If you happen to be the owner of one of these accounts, please make it public so that everyone can laugh and enjoy your content!