Fiction Issue

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She is a mug of tea.

But maybe not in the sense your mind immediately goes to where

she runs down your throat

and warms your chest and makes you taste a little sweeter

but in the way where

you desperately want a sip of her right that very second

even when you know shell burn your tongue

and ruin your appetite

and even after youre burnt you keep bringing her to your lips

more cautiously

but still trying to breathe her in and smell her good smell and have her all to yourself

while keeping your hands wrapped tightly around her because it feels nice and right


and warm.


But then you get distracted, and get away

and leave her while you get up and go out and do something else with someone else

and she waits.


And you get back

and you pick her up and sip, this time confidently

because you know she cant harm you

and she is cold and sweet but strong, and different.


But you drink her up till her last drop anyways.