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Because there’s more to school than studying

You may not have had time to stop by some of the booths during Club Week but don’t worry The Fulcrum lists four of the top alternative athletic clubs so you can stay active and social during the year.

Swing UO

Swing UO gets you out of the library and dancing. Every Tuesday night, Swing UO gathers and gets moving with lessons, workshops, and socials.

No experience? No partner? No problem!.Swing UO offers beginner classes at 7 p.m. and welcomes newcomers to come out and try swing dancing. It costs $5 per lesson or $15 per semester. If you attend at least three lessons, you automatically get a full semester membership.

The first meeting of the year will be held Sept. 22, which gives you lots of time to shine your dancing shoes. Swing UO meets in the Terminus right outside of 1848—optimally placed for post-dancing drinks.

University of Ottawa Pole Dance Society

Want to get ripped while you learn some new moves? The U of O Pole Dance Society is for you. No matter your experience or fitness level, the Pole Dance Society encourages you to join the club to share and learn tips and tricks about dancing.

While most people think that pole dancing might just be for women, men are encouraged to join as well. Your $20 membership fee covers your Pole Dance Society t-shirt and club fees, and gives you access to discounted rates at the club’s sponsoring pole studio, Ottawa Pole Fitness.

University of Ottawa Wrestling Club

Run by Derek Kossatz, the University of Ottawa Wrestling Club provides high-level training at one of Ottawa’s premier wrestling clubs—Tsunami Academy.

While the club is hoping to gain varsity status soon, it’s always looking for new members to try wrestling and see what the sport is all about.

University of Ottawa Table Tennis 

Think you’ve got a mean backhand? Why not give the U of O Table Tennis club a try.  The club promotes table tennis across campus and is not just for hardcore members but also for anyone who wants to try the sport or work the rust off their game.

U of O Table Tennis meets in the Terminus every Saturday from 1 to 5 pm. The club also has a competitive division that competes in an interuniversity league for more seasoned players. Memberships start at $5 for an afternoon, $15 for a semester, and $25 for the whole year. The club’s first meeting of the year takes place on Sept. 21.

If none of these groups tickle your fancy, there are many more to explore. Visit the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa website for a complete list of clubs.