University alters name of building on campus

STUDENTS MAY NOTICE a new sign while driving down King Edward. The Sports Complex at 801 King Edward  Ave. has recently been renamed the Minto Sports Complex in recognition of the major contribution the Minto Group has made to the development of the University of Ottawa’s  campus. The funding, valued at $2.5 million, enabled the expansion and renovations of the Desmarais building.

The Minto Group, founded in 1955, is  an Ottawa based company that builds and develops homes and condominiums in Canada and the United States.

According to the U of O’s media office, the Minto Group and the University of Ottawa have a long-standing relationship that has benefited the university’s progress and its plan to expand the school within downtown Ottawa.

“Minto’s support and collaboration have allowed the University of Ottawa to expand strategically its footprint in downtown Ottawa,” said Karine Proulx, the media relations officer at the U of O.

The name change was decided by the University of Ottawa in partnership with the Minto Group.

“Minto’s generous support of the university is aligned with two of their strategic community investment priorities that they consider the foundation of a healthy, active community: Education and sports programs,” said Proulx.

In making this decision, the university hopes its relationship with the  Minto Group will continue.

—Tiffany Carroll