Christopher Radojewski

Justin Trudeau’s good looks pose a threat, the infamous Bill C-30 marks the anniversary of its failure, and Senator Patrick Brazeau gets a timeout.

Kevin Page, the parliamentary budget officer (PBO) for the government of Canada, spoke to students at the University of Ottawa on Nov. 20. In a presentation organized by the Economics Student Association, an enthusiastic Page spoke about the role of the PBO and answered audience questions.

Question Period on Friday is the only place outside of kindergarten and birthday parties where playing musical chairs is acceptable. This isn’t something you would notice if you’re watching it on TV, unless you’re really observant. MPs have become skilled in front of the camera.

The Conservatives brought up the issue that MP pensions should be reduced in line with other public service employees, but there was one catch. This issue was placed within the omnibus budget bill 2.0, named the Jobs and Growth Act.

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